Ivy in Afghanistan
Afghanistan – traveled extensively in Pakistan in 1985; later that year entered Afghanistan with mujahadeen to document the war with the Soviet Army; in operational area of Osama bin Laden; protected by his mujahadeen unit from Arab mujahadeen associated with al Qaeda; account published in three articles in the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Ivy in El Salvador
El Salvador – for observation of war against the FMLN communist insurgents; accompanied reconnaissance patrol of Salvadorian Commandos into guerrilla territory in Morazan Province on Torolo River; three article series published in Memphis Commercial Appeal and in Nashville Banner 1988.

Ivy in Somalia
Somalia – Entered with and as a guest of the 10th Mountain Division just prior to Black Hawk Down incident; participated in convoys and night patrols, 1993

Ivy on Israel and Lebanese Border
Israel and Lebanese Border during first Persian Gulf War, 1991

Ivy in Bosnia
Bosnia – Entered areas of most intense fighting, including operational area of al Qaeda at Zenica; toured combat areas with UN PROFOR; account published Memphis Commercial Appeal, 1993

Ivy in Kosovo
Kosovo – Entered as guest of 82nd Airborne and Special Forces upon entry of UN forces; accompanied Special Forces in arrest of alleged war criminal. Participated with 82nd Airborne in night helicopter and foot patrols, 1999

Ivy in Sudan
Sudan – Enterd from Kenya to observe and write about civil war and human rights violations, 1998

Nicaraguan-Honduran Border
Nicaraguan-Honduran Border – for observation of war during Contra Wars, 1989